Postnatal Aqua Aerobics

One of our most popular classes. Many mums 'graduate' to this class after attending our Antenatal aqua aerobics classes, now with baby in tow! 

Postnatal aqua aerobics
Postnatal aqua aerobics

Regain your fitness and strength after pregnancy and birth whilst also introducing your baby (6 weeks to 6 months old) to water. The classes include 15 mins of fun for you and your baby (bring your singing voice), a 30 minute break for changing and feeding, followed by a 45 minute aerobic session in the comfort of our hydrotherapy pool. Our babysitter will looks after the babies whilst you exercise in the pool (bringing a pram is essential). Dad's are welcome to do the baby part too!


Class Costs:

$28.00 (rebate available with Private Health Insurance) 


Class times:

Monday 12.30pm

Tuesday 10.30am

Wednesday 12.30pm

Thursday 11.30am. 


Bookings are essential. Please call 9271 9422 to make a booking.