Mind the bump

Dad's handbook: A Guide to the first 12 months

Mind the bump

Beyond blue have put together a great resource specifically for dads called the Dad’s handbook: A guide to the first 12 months. It’s full of practical tips on how to hold babies, what to do when they cry, looking after yourself and your partner, sleep cycles and how to play with babies – all those things you need to know and weren’t quite sure how to ask. It also has a great checklist for what to bring to the hospital and what you need to do in the last few weeks of your partner’s pregnancy. I think it’s a great read for mum’s too!


'Mind the bump' App.

Smiling Mind and Beyond Blue have also collaborated to produce a mindfulness meditation app called Mind the Bump! It provides tailored exercises to support your mental and emotional wellbeing from day one of pregnancy through to 24 months after birth. The program is for fathers, mothers, single parents and same-sex couples. It’s easy to use, easy to access and free. We know one in seven women will experience postnatal depression, one in 20 men and one in 10 women will experience depression in pregnancy – so let’s get downloading!


 Mindfulness will help train your brain to manage stress, cope with change and build connection by consciously paying attention to the present moment with purpose. The app has activities to help you achieve this, which is pretty good timing for new parents! There is also an overview on how a baby and child’s brain will develop and how to optimise that development. It helps give you the skills to develop their emotional resilience, develop healthy relationships and how to control emotions.