excelling in Womens Health

Mercy Physio excels in the provision of Antenatal & Postnatal Physiotherapy care, Post Surgery Rehabilitation, Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, Hydrotherapy Programs and Clinical Pilates Classes.

Lead by Senior Physiotherapist John Annear, this clinic is based at St John of God, Mt Lawley, Hospital and is one of Perth's most established Physiotherapy Practices.


We pride ourselves in providing some of the best antenatal and postnatal physio care available in Perth.

womens health team mercy physio

Womens Health

Meet our Women's Health Team at Mercy Physio 

Our physiotherapists have many years experience as well as post graduate qualifications in Continence and Women's Health.  Read more...


Baby Swim

‘So popular, we even have our own Facebook page’ 

These programs provide the opportunity for both parent and child to experience pure aquatic enjoyment whilst learning the essential water safety skills.  Read more...


Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

We use evidence-based therapies

Services include spinal manipulation, neck or hamstring massage and joint mobilisation, ultrasound muscle imaging, muscle and tendon treatments and dry needling. Read more...

Clinical pilates Perth

Clinical Pilates

Do you suffer from back and postural pain? Pilates may work for you!

Pilates uses exercises to train the deep core muscles to enhance spinal stability and to attain correct body posture.The exercises are individually tailored to you and can also be carried out at home.  Read more...